Whirlpool Appliance Age – Serial Number Decoder

In order to find the age of a Whirlpool built appliance you will need the serial number from the appliance.  Since Whirlpool manufactures appliances under many different names, this may work with some of these brand names also:

Whirlpool, Kenmore (Sears), Maytag (Newer models), Kitchen Aid, Estate, Inglis, Roper, Amana, Jenn Air, Crosley and more.

Serial Number Example:


1st Digit: Where the appliance was manufactured. C = Clyde, OH.

2nd Digit: Year Manufactured.  R = 2004

3rd & 4th Digit: Week the appliance was manufactured.  39 = 39th week of the year.

5th-9th Digit: Manufacture order that week

See the charts below for the year codes:

















114 thoughts on “Whirlpool Appliance Age – Serial Number Decoder

    • Nancy, I do not have a way to determine what year that A/C was manufactured. Some of the Whirlpool appliances are made by another company for Whirlpool, so the serial number will look different. You will probably have to contact Whirlpool directly to see if they can tell you when it was made.

    • Hello, I’m confused — which is not unusual…

      I have a Whirlpool Duet set. Serial#’s as follows:
      M32323892 (Dryer)
      C32351491 (Washer)

      Can you help me decypher the age and any other identifiers of these units? Thanks!

      • If the serial numbers are correct they were both made in the 23 week of 2013. Beginning 2010 the year went back to a number. 2010 = 0, 2011 = , 2012 = 2, 2013 = 3, etc.

  1. Age and design data on the blower section for a Whirlpool residential gas heater;

    Model # FSB43-150ER1
    Ser # H11275795
    Manuf # 92152


    • I’m sorry, we do not have any information on that heater. I would recommend contacting the manufacturer to see if they can help you.

  2. My Whirlpool Refrigerator Model # ET18AKXM
    Serial # E50815974 made it’s last leg on 10-5-12.
    Just trying to find out how old it was. It was a very
    good refrigerator. It has out lasted most of my new
    ones brought after this one. Great buy. They do not
    made as good of product as this one was.

    Thanks you very much for the great one.

  3. I have a whirlpool a friend gave me couple of years ago with no paperwork. We have looked everywhere for a serial number and cannot find one. and think the belt needs replaced. any ideas??

    • There is usually a tag around the door frame area of the dryer with the model & serial number. If that tag is missing, then the next thing I would do is check to see if you can read any part number off of the old belt.

  4. I have a Whirlpool model Number-LS09110LWI-Can you tell me how I can get a Schematic of my product? I have a leak in one of the hoses.

    • That doesn’t come up as a good model number for me. Make sure you are reading the model number from the model & serial number tag on the washer.

  5. I have a whirlpool washer, it has 3 letters in the serial so im a little confused on translating the year.
    Mod. WFW8300SW04
    Ser. HCW3690586

    I am selling the unit and would like to include the correct mfg. date.

  6. I’m looking at buying a washer (LSL9244EOO) and a dryer (LE9200XWW1). According to the information above (if I’m understanding correctly), that would mean the washer was made in 2005 and the dryer in 1995… and, yet, I was under the impression they had been purchased together. Am I doing something wrong? I was also told they were only a few years old. So, I’m doubting my interpretation. Can you shed any light on this? Thank you!

      • Also, if buying of off sites like Craigslist, be sure to find an honest seller. I see all the time sellers stating that an item is a few years old when they are 12 – 15 years old.

        • Seller is a friend of a friend, actually… So I doubt very much they are not being honest, but it is easy to be wrong unintentionally. Thank you for pointing out my error. Serial numbers are CG3716876 and MC1409971, so I guess that says 1997 and 1993…

  7. We have a whirlpool refrigerator and want to know the cubic feet. The model number is ET9AHTXMT00 and the serial number is ER034H038. Can you tell me the size by these numbers? Thanks for your help.

    • The model numbers can be very different for refrigerators that look almost the same, so it can be hard to determine the size. If I were there I could tell the size, more or less within a couple cubic feet. My best guess is that it is a 19 cubic foot refrigerator. Most refrigerators of this size measure about 30 inches wide, 32 inches deep, and about 67 inches high, give or take an inch or two all around. Some may be a little shorter and a little wider, a little taller and less wide,a little deeper and slightly taller, etc.

      I hope this helps you determine a fairly close estimate of the refrigerator size.

      • Thanks for your response. We’re looking to replace our present one with a larger one and needed to know the size of the one we have.

        • Make sure and measure the space that you have so that the new refrigerator will fit correctly. More of a problem with older homes since most newer homes allow room for almost all refrigerators to fit.

          • Thanks. We just had our kitchen remodeled and a larger space made for a larger refrigerator. We had boards installed around our present refrigerator to fill in the hole and I’ll have to take them out and cut them down to make room.
            Thanks again.

    • This system to determine the age may not apply for your microwave. I know the Whirlpool microwave I have does not follow this system, but fortunately the tag has the month and year of manufacture. The tag, on my microwave, is around the door frame. The part the door closes against.

  8. I bought my Whirlpool Duet washer CSS4511253 from a neighbor. Is it 2005? I am having trouble with water leaking in front and lots of shaking and noise. I guess it needs a new boot seal and bearings. Is it worth the cost to repair. I can get a new machine on sale for $900 now.

    • 2005 is correct. I have this same machine. It seems to be noisier than other machines. I am assuming the leak is coming from the door around the bottom? One thing I would do is to make sure that the washer is level all the way around. If it is not level the whole frame will twist just enough so that the door will not make a good seal. It will also shake more and make more noise. This will most likely take care of all of your issues. If this does not help it is up to you to determine if it is worth fixing. Can you live with the leak? Can you live with the noise? In the interest of saving money I would just use it until you are not willing to deal with either issue or the machine dies.

  9. My washer is a whirlpool front loader, I purchased it approx 3 months ago, brand new from Lowe’s. It is making a very loud sound, the machine is level, and basically brand new. I just have a service repair man here and he said the drum and bearings have to be replaced and they can’t get here on a for another 2 weeks, that will make it four weeks of no washer! I am not a happy camper. Upon reading review on this machine I saw this was a problem whirlpool had in the past. Can you tell me when my machine was manufactured? The serial# is CS11904306. Thank you. I will await your reply

  10. The 2010′s years will follow just a numerical sequence. Ex – 2010 = 0 , 2011 = 1, 2012 = 2, and so forth until 2020 when it should go back to A for 2020. It can get a bit confusing with the front load washers because the place of manufacture is 2 letters as oppose to 1 letter for the older top load washer. It is possible that the newer HE top load washers also have a two letter designation for the location also. Since it seems like many companies are moving there manufacturing to different loactions to reduce costs.

    • When the serial number is 10 digits the 3rd digit will be the year and the 4th and 5th digit will be the week of manufacture. A 9 digit serial number will follow the table from above.

    • I know of no way to determine the cost just by using a model number. I took a look at the parts for your washer and it looks like it was a top of the line or close to top of the line top load washer. I would guess it sold for $450 more or less.

  11. My husband & I just got the washer & dryer from his parents place who passed away. I am wondering what year they where made? I think I figured it out. But looking for confirmation from someone who knows for sure how to read the codes. My machine # are:

    Washing Machine:
    M# LSQ9549LW3 / S# CR0832840

    M# LE5705XPW1 / S# M80706615

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Carissa H

    • 24th week of 2004. A 10 digit serial number will use the 3rd digit as the year and the 4th and 5th digit as the week of manufacture. A 9 digit serial number will use the data table from above, 2nd digit for the year, 3rd and 4th digit is the week made.

  12. I own a Whirlpool Refrigerator Model GX2FHDXVB00 Serial KY2197854. I am missing the inside sticker that has the program code featured. The repairman replaced my control panel, but didn’t know the correct program code and just guessed, but now my ice maker isn’t working. How would I get the correct program code?

  13. My whirlpool glass stovetop shattered today. I cannot find a serial or part no. anywhere on the appliance. Not inside the oven door, on the back, under the stovetop itself… Is there any other way to determine the part I need?

  14. Hey – not sure why I’m not understanding this code system. Help please??

    Serial # on dryer = MY3524346
    Serial # on washer = CY3335159

    Can you tell me the year please? Thank you!

  15. I have a Whirlpool A/C central air unit. Trying to find out what year it is??
    Model# DSB27B2, Serial# 37351 & MFG# 92631E70. Can you help me with this..
    Thank you

  16. I am trying to find an online manual for Whirlpool Refrigerator Model # 10567789704 and I can’t find any information at all on it. Can you help?

  17. I need to know the age of a dryer mod wgn5510vq1, ser# MY3301427
    would anything on this still be in warranty???
    This is a gas dryer

    • The dryer was made during the 33rd week of 2009. The dryers only have a one year warranty. What seems to be the issue?

        • There are a few things you can check. The model number is no good but more or less this is what you need to do. The firs thing to check is the thermal fuse. Then the igniter and then the coils. Search You Tube and you should find videos on how to check all these items. Most likely it is the thermal fuse and generally these go out when the exhaust tube is partially blocked so if that is the problem make sure that the exhaust tube is not blocked. The thermal fuse should cost $15 to $20.

    • Before Maytag was purchased by Whirlpool, around 2005, Maytag made the Admiral brand. So, I am a bit confused. Usually Inglis dryers will say” manufactured by Whirlpool. If it is an Inglis dryer made by Whirlpool then your reasoning that it was manufactured in 1995 is correct. If it is an Admiral dryer that was made by Whirlpool you need to check the serial number again.

  18. Serial number k32611239 refrigerator

    Serial number k24422165 refrigerator

    Can you tell me the manufactures date please on these two refrigerators

  19. My parents have a dishwasher the model # is DU930PWPQ2 the serial # is FT4233371 could you please tell me Where and what year it was made. It is needing repairs. Where do they shop for parts. Thank you

  20. You provide an invaluable service. I have Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. Numbers:


    Could you please tell year of manufacture? I have tried to apply previous post info and i come up with unreasonably old date. This is supposedly brand new equipment associated with new house, December 2013 move in.

    Thank you so much

    • Those are the model numbers. The serial number is the next set of numbers. Some serial numbers are 10 digits. If this is the same in your case, which many Duet models are, the third digit is the year and the fourth and fifth digits are the week of manufacture. If they are 2013 models the digit will be 3, 2012 = 2, 2011=1, 2010=0. Example a unit made in the 34th week of 2013 will be xx334xxxxx or x334xxxxx.

  21. I have a Whirlpool Duet Washer s/n: HLU4871987 (Mfg. 2001 right?)
    Model No: WFW8300SW03
    My problem is when the machine goes into high speed spin I have water running out from under the machine. Do you know what could possibly be wrong and how to fix it?

  22. I’m looking at a coin operated Whirlpool washer…model # CAM2742TQ3, and serial # C21961036. Is the year 2002? I am not sure how old it is…could you please help. Thanks!

    • It was manufactured during the 19 week of 2012 or 1982 or even 1972. Numbers are used for the year during the 70′s,80′s or 2010′s. I would assume no one would be selling a coin operated washer made in 2012, unless it is from a business that went out of business, so most likely a model from 1982.

  23. Looking for manufacture date on Whirlpool Refrigerator with a Y in second alpha spot. 45th week of which year?
    Model No: GX2FHDXVQ00
    S/N: KY4581021

  24. Please tell me age of this refrigerator I am thinking about purchasing:

    Model # 596.722522202
    Serial # 12865185CN

    Must decide soon or will miss out on purchase. Anyone have an opinion on bottom freezer being better than top?

    • Is this a Kenmore appliance? This was not manufactured by Whirlpool but using the information you have listed I was able to determine it was most likely made in July of 2003.

      A refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom is generally more energy efficient than when the freezer is at the top but the savings over a year would be just a few dollars.

  25. I have a whirlpool refrigerator with serial number et21gkxhw02 and I am trying to figure out how much kilowatts it uses per month. Can you get me that information? Thanks.

  26. I have a question, My landlord tells me my Whirlpool wasE and dryer Is brand new. I can tell by the knobs it’s a little bit older. don’t quite understand How to figure out the code System you guys have on your website. Can you help ? MOD:LTE5243DQB
    Love your products but I know for a fact you guys keep up with the current style. Please help.

    • Serial number shows that it was manufactured during the 36th week of 2013. For the 2010′s the years are numbers. 2010 = 0, 2011 = 1, 2012 = 2, etc.

  27. Hi, i have whirpool dishwasher model adg7560/2. Need to register it and i M not sure which number is the serial number. I found this number on it
    #P ATL 851175615910#
    Is it the right one?

  28. I am looking at buying a Whirlpool gold set. The seller says it is one year old but based on your information, I am pretty sure that is incorrect. Serial number on dryer: mp5132384 and I can’t read the washer serial number but it is a set and they look identical as far as style so I assume they are close to the same age. Thanks!

      • It was manufactured during the 51st week of 2002. Be weary when purchasing from sites like Craigslist because unfortunately there are many dishonest people that sell on there. Fortunately there are enough honest people too on these type of sites that you can find a good working appliance at a good price.

    • 51 week of 2002. Be weary when buying from sites like Craigslist because there are many unscrupulous sellers on sites like that. I see people stating that an item is 2 or 3 years old when they are more like 14 years old.

  29. I just purchased and installed and Whirlpool dishwasher 18″ Wide. I am trying to complete an energy audit card for a rebate and it asks for a serial number. The plate on the inside of the dishwasher lists everything (including a date code) but no “Serial Number”? Is the serial number and date code one in the same?????

  30. I was looking at purchasing a used Sears Washer for my son place. Could you please tell me how old this machine is? The serial number is CG2812427 and about how much it cost new?

    • The washer was made during the 28th week of 1997. Without a model number I am not able to determine if it is a basic unit or a unit with a lot of options but it most likely cost between $200 and $300 when new. This is only a guess because 17 years ago I was not in the business. I would pay no more than $80 for this washer since you can find 2 to 3 year old top load washers for $200. At this age it may not last more than a few more years and if you are not able to fix it yourself it is not worth repairing when if it has issues. If you are able to fix it yourself definitely fix it since most repairs, on Whirlpool washers, cost less than $30 DIY.

  31. i have a whirlpool regal heavy duty dryer serial #m53003466 i bought in 1993 used can you tell me how old it is?from what i gather its from 1985

  32. Hi,
    I have a front load Duet Whirlpool gas dryer serial number MS4701356. Am I correct in saying this dryer was made in 2005? I saw posted that some front loads serial numbers were different.

  33. hey i have a refrigerator, its model number is WZB19981
    I can’t find any information on the “ZB” part of the fridge… I’m just looking for a year

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