How To Test GE Dryer Thermistor Temperature Sensor

Some GE dryer models that use a control board instead of a timer have a temperature sensor thermistor that controls the temperature of the dryer.  The thermistor measures the temperature of the air in the dryer so the dryer knows how hot to get.  When a thermistor fails, it can cause the dryer to not heat at all or heat up to the wrong temperature.

Here is how to test GE dryer thermistor part number WE4M275.  Remove the thermistor from the dryer, and with the thermistor at room temperature measure the resistance of the sensor.  At room temperature the thermistor should read approximately 100k ohms, if it is far off from this the thermistor should be replaced.

Resistance Values:

118-122k Ohms – 69°F (21°C)

98-102k Ohms – 77°F (25°C)

78-82k Ohms – 86°F (30°C)


Testing a good sensor:

Testing a bad sensor:

If your sensor is bad and you need to order a new one click the link below.

GE Temperature Sensor Thermistor – WE4M275

One thought on “How To Test GE Dryer Thermistor Temperature Sensor

  1. Very helpful information! Thank you for posting this. I was able to fix my dryer and actually determined that this part was not the issue. It was a Maytag Dryer, however they all have similar and sometimes the same parts and work the same.

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